Thomas Sowell’s Migrations And Cultures

We are only now entering the second decade of the 21st century, but already it seems obvious that the salient force shaping world politics will be human migration. The shrinking populations of the global north have and will continue to […]

Thomas Sowell’s Wealth, Poverty And Politics

Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve traveling through countries such as Egypt and Turkey and witnessing a world wholly foreign to my own, a world where children begged in the streets and tourists supplied their own bottled water […]

Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics

I have distinct memories of being nine or ten years old and flipping through my parents’ newspapers, absorbing what I saw without really understanding anything. This was a glimpse into the world of adults, and part of me felt certain […]

Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals And Society

In 2006, a stripper named Crystal Magnum accused several players on the Duke University lacrosse team of raping her. The accused were white, male and affluent, the accuser poor, black and female, and that, apparently, was enough for 88 members of […]

Thomas Sowell’s The Vision Of The Anointed

First, a confession: this was an angry purchase. From the impression given by the title alone, and a short blurb on the jacket, I knew that this book would function less as a stand-alone work of political philosophy and more […]

Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict Of Visions

In his book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial Of Human Nature, Steven Pinker praised Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict Of Visions as the best overview of divergent political philosophies yet provided. It is to Pinker I owe my discovery of Sowell, and to […]

Thomas Sowell’s Black Rednecks And White Liberals

Thomas Sowell is something of an iconoclast, but in the best possible way. He is ferociously intelligent, erudite in more disciplines than many can master in a lifetime, and articulate, in speech and writing, to a degree that causes me […]