Colm Tóibín’s Nora Webster

We all of us construct nightmare futures for ourselves, built of the fears that keep us up at night, and though these are no doubt highly personal, illustrative of who we are as individuals, surely one of the most common […]

Colm Tóibín’s New Ways To Kill Your Mother

I spent this past Mother’s Day reading Colm Tóibín’s New Ways To Kill Your Mother, a book of biographical sketches of novelists, playwrights and poets highlighting some of their more troubling family relationships. I picked it up thinking that there was some […]

Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn

For a tiny island nation with a population under seven million, Ireland boasts more than its share of brilliant writers, from Swift down to Yeats, Shaw, Joyce, Beckett and the late Seamus Heaney. Is it inspirational scenery? or perhaps the […]