Theodore Dalrymple’s Not With A Bang But A Whimper

Something I’ve been wondering, of late: did the Romans of the fourth century AD know that their empire was in decline? Certainly there were philosophers and politicians expressing their dismay, but did the average man and woman know that their […]

Theodore Dalrymple’s Life At The Bottom

One of the more insidious of Marxism’s dictums, implicitly subscribed to by most of today’s self-styled liberals, is that “class determines consciousness,” and not the other way around – though, to be fair to modern partisans of this idea, it […]

Theodore Dalrymple’s Our Culture, What’s Left Of It

I have lately had the pleasure of discovering Theodore Dalrymple (real name Anthony Daniels), a retired doctor turned essayist whose small but devoted following – among whom number both Thomas Sowell and Charles Murray – prize him for his unflinching portrayals […]