Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Emperor Of All Maladies

How is this for a resume? Siddhartha Mukherjee has degrees from Oxford, Stanford and Harvard; won a Rhodes scholarship; teaches and does research at Columbia University; and won a Pulitzer Prize for his 2010 “biography” of cancer, The Emperor Of […]

Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman

Flann O’Brien was one of the pen names of Brian O’Nolan, an Irish civil servant whose job forbid him from publishing. It was a general rule, not in any way intended to single our poor Brian, but if his paymasters […]

Walter Jackson Bate’s Coleridge

Of all the Romantic poets, perhaps only the prophet William Blake achieved as much in a discipline outside of poetry as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet, critic, and amateur theologian, and, like Blake, Coleridge found himself overshadowed in his own lifetime […]

D.H. Lawrence’s Selected Essays

Every writer and critic I have encountered has voiced a strong opinion – positive or negative – on D.H. Lawrence and his writings. I’m not aware of any author more widely praised and condemned in equal measure, and from both […]

Thomas Ligotti’s Songs Of A Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe

The Penguin Classics publishing house pulled American horror writer Thomas Ligotti from the relative obscurity of genre fiction two years ago, when they re-issued two of his short story collections, Songs of a Dead Dreamer (1986) and Grimscribe (1991), making him one of […]

Jordan Peterson’s Maps Of Meaning

A little over a year ago, Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist, emerged from relative obscurity thanks to a video he posted on his personal YouTube channel, contesting the adoption of Bill C-16 in Canada, which was […]

Anne Applebaum’s Gulag: A History

Of the two great totalitarian ideologies that dominated the 20th century and were directly responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people, communism has received far less attention and condemnation than fascism. It is still possible to march […]

Tom Sleigh’s Space Walk

Tom Sleigh is an American poet, playwright, journalist and academic, the recipient of a Guggenheim grant, two National Endowment for the Arts grants, a John Updike Award, the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, and the prestigious Shelley Award from the American […]

David McCullough’s John Adams

The historian David McCullough, famous for his opinion-shifting biography of Harry Truman, began the book that would become John Adams believing that he would write about both Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and was concerned that such a work would be doomed to […]

Mark Lilla’s The Shipwrecked Mind

If you wanted to find a modern moment that encapsulated the worst possible political future for the Western world, you could not do better than the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a group of neo-Nazis and white […]